• Vistair

    Vistair delivers visionary technologies that enrich airlines, delivering significant operational benefits and commercial savings across the airline industry, through state-of-the-art web-based solutions  driven entirely by operational and regulatory demands.
  • SafetyNet®

    Aviation Safety Management

    The industry’s most comprehensive aviation safety management suite allows reporting of any aviation related matters, investigation, distribution to all stakeholders, collation of recommendations and reporting allowing users to manage the entire safety landscape of an airline. SafetyNet® is also fully integrated to QualityNet™.
  • QualityNet™

    Quality Auditing

    Providing airlines with all auditing and compliance related management including audit sampling, schedules, checklists, allocation, distribution, audit execution, findings management and collaboration across all stakeholders.
  • DocuNet™

    Flight Manual Solutions

    Integrated Operations manual management. Conversion and full amendment services, simultaneous publication to PDF, HTML, EFB or tablet, distribution of new manuals relevant to roles via a suite of device apps allowing update, store, view, and intuitively interrogate aviation documentation.
  • TechLog™

    Assess, Command, Fly

    Removes human error from pre-flight check. TechLog™ ensures aircraft never leave the ground without pilots first being made aware of any defect status and that all legal requirements have been met. Integration to engineering and even the supply chain is also possible, removing errors and improving efficiency dramatically.
  • Crewnet™

    Read & Sign

    Crew notice management ensuring that any communication is drafted, approved and published according to relevant dates, specific roles or fleets flown ensuring correct crews are informed, and you can audit understanding through Read & Sign functionality directly through the  dashboard.

Come on our journey.

A perfect synthesis of airline expertise and innovative technology.

Unlike many of its rivals Vistair was formed not simply by IT experts, but also by the very aviation professionals for whom its products are designed. Founded over 20 years ago, Vistair has built an unparalleled reputation for solutions that have proved to be industry-leading, delivering our clients safety, efficiency, compliance, competitive edge and commercial savings through continued innovation based upon experience of the issues real airlines face.

Every solution that Vistair has brought to market has been designed in partnership with the very people that Vistair serves. This ensures that every process has been carefully thought through to reflect the real-world requirements aviation professionals expect today. Designed with user interfaces that are sympathetic and symbiotic to high-pressure environments in which they are to be operated.

With clients spanning the globe, Vistair is the number one choice for the enlightened aviation professional seeking intuitive, reliable and leading-edge solutions designed specifically with them in mind.

Put simply, Vistair is the true aviation professionals’ choice when it comes to state-of-the-art aviation solutions. You have options to improve your effectiveness whether in Flight Operations, Crew communications, Safety & Quality Departments, and especially the Flight Deck where unnecessary complication is unwelcome, and speedy accurate decisions make all the difference in difficult situations.


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Vistair offers us an extremely cost-effective solution. 

Captain Mike McKern

Operations Technical Manager, DHL Air Ltd



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